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Italia Independent - I-I mod 067V

Italia Independent - I-I mod 067V: Description
|Italia Independent is the first company working in the optical industry to introduce a “velvet” effect among the range of treatments available on it's spectacles.
The frame’s surface seems soft and smooth to the touch, as if the spectacles were covered in velvet.

Not only does this treatment give our spectacles a unique feel, but it also renders them scratch-resistant.

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Having successfully forged a name for themselves as the avant-garde frame of choice for unique individuals, this season Isson eyewear has taken quirky, personality based designs to the extreme, targeting the fearless fashion leader within. Arriving into boutique stores this September, Issons SS10/11 collection ˜Moonstruck Menagerie intends to polarise, unashamedly forging a distinct line between fashion trends and the anomalous individuals adapting of one of Issons characters to their own.

With the SS09/10 ˜State of Mind collection, Isson confirmed its place as the go-to brand for the quirky connoisseur. Stocked in boutique stores across France, London, Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo “ these hand made, acetate frames cater to the fashion type with their own uniquely formed aesthetic. This collection also garnered a great celebrity following with the likes of Lykke Li, Devendra Banhart, Muse, Baz Lurhman and the local fashion cognoscenti now all fans of Isson frames.

Over the course of the past 12 months, there has been a shift in behavioural trends in relation to eyewear. In the same movement that has seen statement eyewear replace the statement shoe, traditional behaviour of wearing frames to compliment and enhance ones natural beauty - has been traded for shock value. The new guard is about challenging fashion norms by embracing frames that make a statement; creating dialogue and pushing boundaries; expressing free form designs. Sunglasses once purely perceived as an item to protect ones eyes, now say so much more about the wearer. Fashion leader vs follower. Brave vs safe. Ironic vs considered. ˜Moonstruck Menagerie has perfectly captured this shift with its concept and design heavy frames, instantly identifying the fashion tribe you belong to.

Isson designer Catherine Federici explains, œThe current eyewear trends were witnessing are a continuation from consumer trends spawned post GFC, which saw a move towards bespoke and unique frames, but as high quality, handmade pieces. Come 2010, the mindset of consumers has really opened up, they are a blank canvas if you will  embracing and experimenting with frames that are truly new, standout pieces. Fashion quirks are now fashion leaders and applauded for their sartorial smarts - being far less concerned with how flattering the frame is on the face, but more concerned with the overall statement/image that the frame outwardly and inwardly projects. The ˜State of Mind crowd has been mobilised if you will, and they are no longer outcasts but style authorities.

Designing this current collection, Federici was clear that she wanted to design frames that really represented the here and now, pushing wearers in a new direction. ˜Moonstruck Menagerie really represents where we are at as people in 2010. Designers and consumers are finally looking forward (and not to the past 30 years) for inspiration when it comes to design. Everything you thought you ever knew about eyewear is no longer relevant, and thats a real psychological shift for consumers¦ With eyewear you really are designing peoples personalities in each frame, so its about challenging the wearer, re-educating and innovating their emotions¦ Is that possible? laughs Federici.

Pushing such boundaries with directional, fashion forward designs, still firmly remains the domain of the bespoke eyewear company. œIsson isnt about producing tens of thousands of identical injection-moulded frames like the big eyewear conglomerates. Were about limited runs and smaller quantities ensuring that more risks can be taken with off the wall designs. It is this freedom that allows bespoke operators like Isson to be at the forefront in fashion innovation, driving trends and challenging peoples expectations from eyewear. The success of Isson is testament to Federici striking the right balance between practicality and emotion in her work, As a former Industrial Designer I cant help but underpin my designs with function, fit and wearability, but great design is something that people can connect with and relate to on an emotional level, so most importantly, people have to identify themselves in the pieces for the collection to work.

Dancing in a dark colour palette of khaki, plums, navy and black, ˜Moonlight Menagerie is set against an array of different finishes, including translucent gel-like frames, matt and flat colour finishes, plus a selection of hand sourced Italian and Japanese vintage acetates which imbue the collection with crystalline effects in colours such as Black Rock, Green Rock, Pearl Skin, Green Purple Smoke and Red Smoke “ giving the frames greater depth than ever before. With a somewhat theatrical air to this collection, frames are heavy set with a more sculpted feel. Temple tips of each arm are even given a different design. The unusual colour, material combinations and unique design perfectly personify the amalgam of ˜Moonstruck Menagerie characters present this season. ˜Moonstruck Menagerie really is high fashion, with the classic Isson twist. A Federici quirk if you will. Its Grace Kelly vs Dr. Timothy Leary. Its Anna Piaggi vs Uncle Karl. Its Peggy Guggenheim vs well, Peggy Guggenheim.

Whats next for Isson? More designer collaborations. Recognised by the local and international fashion community for her innovative brand of eyewear, fashion designers have been clamouring to collaborate with Federici on her bold designs. Most recently when a frame from the Isson SS10/11 collection was sent down the runway as part of the Romance Was Born ˜Renaissance Dinosaur collection at RAFW in May. This frame will be sold exclusively as part of the Isson SS10/11 ˜Moonlight Menagerie collection. Federici will also be taking ˜Moonlight Menagerie to the Paris trade shows in September later this year.

Moonlight Menagerie SS10/11 collection from Isson Eyewear, arrives in store this September and available exclusively from boutique fashion and optical boutiques and via
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1. TU SHOP @ ซอย ละลายทรัพย์ TEL . 02-6850480
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4. CENTRAL CHITLOM @2fl. luxury eyewear corner (September)
5. CENTRAL CEN @Central World 1fl. (November 2011)
6. Ann Glasses  G15-16 ตลาดการบินไทย โซนชูพลาซ่า TEL. 081-2911025

7. SUNGLASS HUT SIAM SQUARE เยื้องศูนย์หนังสือจุฬา TEL. 086-3092585